To obtain a Consular or restricted Visa to enter Costa Rica, the applicant must complete the following requirements (photocopies of all required documents must be provided).


1.    A passport valid for at least 6 months (and photocopy of the information page).

2.    Photocopies of the pages in the passport showing other visas issued (i.e. USA, Canada.)

3.    An Application Form (see below on this page). This is an official document, therefore only application forms issued at this Consulate are accepted.

4.    1 passport photograph. 

5.    Your proposed itinerary. It is recommended NOT to buy your airline ticket until your visa has been approved.

6.    A personal or company letter stating the purpose of your trip in English or Spanish.  If you have been invited by the government or a public or private institution, request a letter in Spanish addressed to "Dirección General de Migración y Extranjería". (bring us a copy)

7.    Proof of solid economic status (bank account statements, salary statements, for the last three months).

8.    Letter  in English or Spanish addressed to the Consul in which you state the following: full name, nationality, passport number, place of residence, length of planned stay in Costa Rica, profession, address in Costa Rica, e-mail address, phone number and signature.

9.    Police record, from the country of residence during the last year, issued at least 1 month prior to presenting the application. Document must be translated to Spanish and apostilled.

10.  Birth certificate. Document must be translated to Spanish and apostilled.

11.   Fees to pay will be communicated at the end of the process.   

Application Form for VISA
Application Form - Visa.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.0 MB

Processing Time:


The Consular  Visa is issued by the Consul .  Other documents may be required according to the Consul considerations.


Once you have all the required documents, please send the copies to  the email: 


If your application is approved we will set up you appointment in which you should come to the Consulate and bring us all the original documents. They will be reviewed and if they are complete, your visa application will be processed.


In cases a restricted visa, when The Dirección de Migración in San José,  approved the application, our Consulate  will receive a notification from San José , once it will be processed there, and after that, we stamp the visa in your passport. The Inmigration Office will determine the authorized length of your stay. Generally the process takes between one or two months, or more.  Once your restricted visa is approved, our Consulate will process it in 2-3 working days.


Additional Information: Any document you will show to Migration Authorities in Costa Rica must be translated to Spanish and apostilled.



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