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What health requirements must I meet to enter Costa Rica?

Costa Rica's air and sea borders are open. From August 1, 2021, travellers entering the country with a complete vaccination scheme will not need to present insurance, only the international QR code containing their name, date of the last vaccination and pharmaceutical company. The COVID-19 vaccination certificate is available through CoronaCheck App. In addition, the COVID-19 vaccination certificate can also be downloaded (and printed) at the following website:


Those who do not have a complete vaccination scheme must comply with the medical insurance requirements.


In that case, you can use your Dutch policy number, if it covers your medical expenses and when you arrive at any Costa Rica airport, you can purchase additional quarantine coverage from local insurance. Please note that the insurance should cover you for the entirety of your stay.

In any case, all travellers must complete the Health Pass prior to their trip. Read more details at


What is the Health Pass?

It is the form that every tourist must complete to enter Costa Rica. It is available at the link . Here the tourist must enter, among other things, their personal data, information about their flight and their insurance. Once the data has been entered, the system will send a QR code to the noted email, which will be verified upon arrival at Costa Rica. If the colour of the QR code is green, the tourist can enter the country without problem, if it is not green, it means that other details must still be validated (generally the  insurance).


The Health Pass must be completed individually by each traveller, including minors, in the 72-hour period prior to their flight.


Costa Rica will implement the use of the QR code to enter hotels, restaurants and other establishments. Details in the link




Can Costa Ricans enter the Netherlands? (updated on October 28, 2021)

Netherlands Ministry of Health has classified Costa Rica as a Covid high-risk area. Travellers may be required to  carry with them a printed, completed and signed quarantine declaration.


People traveling from Costa Rica to the Netherlands need to show a negative COVID-19 test result. All travellers, regardless of their vaccination or recovery status, will need to show a negative test certificate. 


You can find all information on our website: Checklist for entering or returning to the Netherlands from outside the EU/Schengen area | Coronavirus COVID-19 |



You will also find more information on this page: Exemptions to the mandatory quarantine requirement | Coronavirus COVID-19 |




I am a Dutch citizen, do I need a visa?

Dutch citizens do not require a visa to enter Costa Rica, however, they must have a valid passport (a minimum validity of 1 day) and a ticket to leave Costa Rica within 90 days of entry (either to return to your country or to go to another country). For a stay longer than 90 days, you must request a residence permit with the immigration authorities, see


To consult the requirements to enter the country according to your immigration status, please consult the following link of nationalities.


Entry to Costa Rica with medications (including opioids)

There should not be any problem to enter Costa Rica. If you need to take your personal medicine while traveling, please consider the following:

- Carry just the necessary quantity, which is the normally used by a person having your health condition.

- You should have a prescription or a written statement from your doctor, specifying that the medicine is being used under his/her control and that you need it for your physical health. This prescription/ statement is not required to be legalized at the Consulate.  

- Have the medicines labelled or properly identified.


For more information read the following link (in Dutch):



Steps for importing dogs and cats to Costa Rica

Please refer to other consular services